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Chapter II (2016)

Updated: Apr 22, 2018

After the first event in 2015, I was full of enthusiasm. I was inspired to do better and to grow bigger. Luckily for me, women, fashion brands were very supportive. After the first post on social media, I got calls, messages, etc.. It felt like a little miracle.

And again, while I was working in LA collecting dresses and letters for the orphan girls, in Belarus my friends were organizing the event. Everything went smoothly. The girls were happy. Some of them tried on a dress for the first time in their lives.

Their emotions were priceless. This year I received so many dresses that I had some left after the prom. So I gave them to the girls from a specialized institution - it is an orphanage for the people with cerebral palsy. One early morning, around 5 am, I woke up from a phone call. It was Belarusian number. Of course, my first thought was that it is the family related call. Anxiously, I answered the phone. It was one of the girls from the mentioned above orphanage. It was hard to understand her words because of her disability. But I could feel her emotions. I listened to her, and her girlfriends asked some questions. Girls were willing to talk and to share. I had tears in my eyes. I had so many bitter-sweet emotions at that moment. It is one of the most memorable calls in my life.

I couldn’t fall asleep after this call. While having my very early morning coffee, I thought that the idea, even the smallest one, supported by the action can make a difference. It is a miracle, a gift. To share, to give, to express love. And it doesn’t take much.

I promised myself to stick to this project and to grow it each year, making it better, giving a gift of beauty and femininity to one more orphan girl in Belarus.

I have one more great idea for the next year. I hope it will come true. I know it will.


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