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Chapter I (2015)

Updated: Apr 22, 2018

The story of Pretty Powerful began in the living room of my LA apartment late-late at night.

Moving to another country, giving up career and leaving my beloved family wasn’t an easy decision. I felt upset because I couldn’t give back to my home country - Belarus.

On one of the sleepless nights I got the biggest gift - the idea of the charity that will help orphan girls to get ready for the prom night in Belarus. In an instant, I had a plan on how I can execute it.

Through social media, I shared the idea with my girlfriends. Immediately, I got dozens of responses. Women wanted to participate.

Dresses, jewelry, letters kept coming. At a certain point, I didn’t know where to keep all the donations.

I felt strong support coming from women. It gave me the strength to work harder. While I was collecting dresses in America, preparation work was going in Minsk. Thanks to my old connections and good friends, I had people to find a venue and to organize a beautiful event for the orphan girls.

The first event was a success. I couldn’t believe that the idea that came to me in the middle of the night could grow into something so beautiful and helpful. But it did!

After sending out thank you letters to all the donors I started dreaming about the next year event.


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